Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

Looking Back: 2012 (Music)

For me, this year was not so fantastic (broke my leg, lost a great job…) but I did my best to find good things that brightened the year. Music for instance! 

My personal Top 10 Newcomers

1. Daughter


Actually, I discovered Daughter at the end of November 2011 already. A real “Geheimtipp” with only 3 EPs (12 songs). When I found out they would play at the Dockville Festival in Hamburg, I was so happy =) I imagined it would be a very intimate little concert in which only a few people would be interested. But somehow it was not so small after all: So many other people knew them as well and could sing along to “Wild Youth”. The concert in November 2012 was even more overwhelming! Well deserved!

2. WhoMadeWho


Talking of the Dockville Festival: This festival introduced an awesome danish band to me: WhoMadeWho. Of course this band is not really new. But new to me =) They made it to Top 2 of my 12-month-play-counter-charts (thank you for keeping the records for me), closely followed by …

3. Boy & Bear


Boy & Bear were also a discovery thanks to the Dockville Festival. Extremely good in my ears. I can listen to them over and over again.

4. Ólafur Arnalds


Thanks to a good friend, I started listening to neo-classical music. Perfect interpret for this genre: Olafúr Arnalds. Just perfect. On the picutre, you can see him behind the macbook, but the guy who played the violin was really awesome too. I wish I had a video.

5. Of Monsters And Men


Yay, icelandic invasion! I must admit that I heard their song first on my parent’s chosen mainstream-radio-channel. But never mind the mainstream: Of Monsters and Men really deserve this success with their album, which is just zauberhaft.

6. Jonas David

7. Einar Stray  /  The Lumineers

8. The Good Morning Diary

9. The Head and the Heart

10. Team Me

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