Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

Looking Back: 2012 (Music) Part 2

In my previous post I listed my personal Top 10 New Discoveries of 2012. Now I add my 2012 charts of my favorite bands and artists. 

1. The National

(255 plays within the last 12 months. saved my life during looong hospital nights next to snoring old ladies. And 2012 Highlight: Matt Berninger’s voice singing the Lannister Song at the end of one Game of Thrones episode)

2. Rilo Kiley

(always good)

3. Honig

(I’m just sooo happy for him =) Finally some attention for his wonderful, lovely, passionate music! And just for the record: Benevolent is never forgotten)

4. Stars

(confession: I didn’t like The North so much. Now it’s out… =( I feel bad. But it just… was… not so … but I still love the old stuff!)

5. The Raveonettes

(currently my number 1 I guess… The new album is brilliant. I can’t get enough of them. Please come to Hamburg!)

6. Feist

7. Damien Rice (actually this was Benevolent, but I count them to Honig now.)

8. Patrick Wolf 

9. The Decemberists

10. Dear Reader

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